Affordable handcrafted crank baits made in the USA

How We Got Started

Two long time fishing buddies had the opportunity to re-establish a well known old-school lure company, with a tournament winning reputation.  We are now offering handcrafted hand painted balsa and jelutong wood crank baits at affordable prices.   All of our products are completely made in the USA.  Quality and customer service are our highest priorities.  When you call us, you will speak with a live person who knows fishing and may have built the lure you are calling about.  Call (850) 508-9192.  If you leave a message, we WILL call you back.  (Please note:  these items are all handcrafted, therefore, it may take up two weeks to ship depending upon availability and weather permitting -- drying time for paints and glue -- cold or damp weather influences our products' outcomes.)